Dallas to Expect Flash Floods Due to Series of Storms Right After Memorial Day


Most of us expect a summer season around this time of the year, but not for Dallas. The weather news forecast warns Dallas of potential flash floods as they approach the end of the Memorial Day.

Others are prepared for this storm, while others are still mourning and commemorating Memorial Day. The people of Dallas have no choice but to get in their houses and keep their families safe and secured for this upcoming weekend.

Dallas expecting a wet end for Memorial Day

Dallas will be greeting June with a 100% chance of rain all throughout the week. This led to officers alarming Dallas that there might be some flash floods expected within the area (Texas Forecast, 2021). This is due to the series of storms that were detected and will be expected to enter the Dallas Area of Responsibility by this week. Now as the Memorial Day has ended, this really set the mood for Dallas as they end Memorial Day on wet grounds as if the heavens have joined to mourn.

People living in rural places with a good and deep drainage system shouldn’t worry about the flash floods, but the people in urban places are the ones that should be on high alert. A flash flood is expected to occur anytime throughout the week. Some places like Dallas-Fort Worth should also be on high alert, for they’ll be expecting heavy rainfalls by this week.

Dallas will also be expecting wind gusts that could go up to 60 mph. Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect until 7pm as of this Tuesday (Dallas News, 2021). Officials need the cooperation of their residents for their own safety as well. If you’re stuck on high thunderstorm alert area, you should prepare things for your family’s safety and survival all throughout the week until the storm passes by.

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Thunderstorm readiness and preparedness

A bad weather is inevitable wherever you’re located here on the planet. But people can take preventive measures and be ready for a thunderstorm. All these are now in our control; you and the safety of your families are an utmost priority. We can’t control the thunderstorm, but all we can do is prepare everything for we were advised ahead of time. Here are the things that you could prepare when expecting flash floods and a high thunderstorm alert.

1. Food

As humans, we need to eat and survive. With the given situation, the best suitable meals for the mean time would be canned foods and easy-to-cook meals.

2. Water

Drinking water is a must for survival but so is water for your hygiene and washing the dishes. You can use and gather rainwater for cleaning and other purposes as well.

3. Secured place

We don’t know what could happen during these times, so it is best to lock your doors and windows properly. Make sure that your homes are perfectly secure all throughout the thunderstorm.

4. Equipment and devices

Incase of a power outage, prepare things like your power generator, power banks, flashlights, light bulbs, or whatever your house might need. As some people might say “It’s better to be safe, than sorry.”

These are just few of the things that you’ll be needing whenever you’re on a situation like expecting a thunderstorm with high winds. The best thing to do is to always update yourself with the news regarding to the thunderstorm and always cooperate with local authorities, for their main job is to always make sure that you are safe.

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