The brain implant that turns thoughts into text


Listen to the latest science news, with Benjamin Thompson and Shamini Bundell.

In this episode:

00:45 A brain interface to type out thoughts

Researchers have developed a brain-computer interface that is able to read brain signals from people thinking about handwriting, and translate them into on-screen text. The team hope this technology could be used to help people with paralysis to communicate quicker than before.

Research Article: Willett et al.

News and Views: Neural interface translates thoughts into type

Video: The BCI handwriting system in action

07:37 Research Highlights

Light-sensitive cells help headless worms ‘see’ with their bodies, and a wearable device that monitors itchiness.

Research Highlight: How headless worms see the light to steer

Research Highlight: How itchy are you? A new device knows precisely

10:26 The science of everyday materials

Materials scientist Anna Ploszajski joins us to talk about her new book Handmade, which details how her journey into craft helped shape her materials research.

Book review: From spoons to semiconductors — we are what we make

18:26 Briefing Chat

We discuss some highlights from the Nature Briefing. This time, the genomes of some viruses that contain a very unusual DNA nucleobase, and the smouldering nuclear reactions that remain in the wreckage of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Nature: Weird viral DNA spills secrets to biologists

Science: ‘It’s like the embers in a barbecue pit.’ Nuclear reactions are smoldering again at Chernobyl

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