Veterinarians List 5 Worst Mistakes You Might Be Making While Playing With Your Pets


Playing with pets is an essential part of keeping them healthy, happy, and active.
Unfortunately, some common habits during playtime can really lead to behavioral problems or even injury. 

Read on for the most common mistakes most people make when playing with their pets, as stated by veterinarians.


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Don’t allow your dog to carry their own toy while coming back from the park.

Justin Lee, an Emergency and critical-care veterinarian revealed to Insider that letting a dog carry their own toy after a long play session may lead to dangerous overheating.

“Your dog let out most of its heat through panting since it lacks sweat glands. Holding an object in the mouth actually partly restricts the heat released from the mouth, which can bring about overheating,” Justin said. 

You can prevent this problem by simply holding your dog’s toy for them or allowing them to rest and cool off before picking up their toys. Letting your pet play with unsuitable toys is dangerous.

Allowing your pet to play with items that are not meant for animals is a big mistake.

Veterinarian Jessica Kirk  said to Insider: “Pets can suffocate or choke when playing with items that are not toys, or they may swallow the items which then become stuck in their digestive tract, give your pet only toys meant specifically for that animal.”

Human toys or household items such as water bottles, tennis balls, cardboard boxes, and shopping bags can all be unsafe, or even fatal if consumed.

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On the same note, the use of the wrong size of a ball for playtime can be a choking hazard.

Little balls make for simple and portable pet toys, but they can also cause unfortunate choking accidents.”As an emergency veterinarian, I withness dogs suffocate from small rubbery balls being stuck in the airway while playing,”  Lee said.

“When in doubt, make use of a bigger, softer tennis ball.” Cat owners should also make sure they keep small balls and marbles away from their pets. You should also eliminate any buttons or plastic eyes from toys, because these may loosen and become choking hazards.

Playing tug-of-war with your dog can stir aggression.

Veterinarian and owner of Dyer Animal Clinic, Molly Farrell, told Insider that one of the most usual and risky playtime mistakes is making use of a toy or other item to play tug-of-war with your dog.

 ”Playing tug-of-war makes your dog learn to be aggressive and to hold on to any object in their mouth,” Farrell said. “If the dog ever tugs on a person with their mouth, it will lead to serious tissue damage.” If your dog wants to drag a toy that you’re holding, discourage the behavior by leaving the toy.


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Not taking breaks can cause exhaustion or injury.

Just like humans, pets frequently need a break from even the most exciting activities. Making your pet play for long period of time can cause exhaustion. 
It’s crucial to pay attention to signs that your pet may need to take a break. Dogs may sit to catch their breath and cats often turn and take a walk from the play session. 

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© 2021 All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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